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    Health is Wealth. This has often been an underrated old proverb. In this 21st century the world has witnessed a  tremendous growth in terms of lifestyle, infrastructure, technology and different other domains. People have now become more career oriented , professional and it is thereby estimated that a significant chunk of our Indian population is now suffering from various lifestyle related medical ailments which is potentially taking a toll on the overall healthy well being of the society and nation. 

      2020 has been an eye-opener for the entire world as the COVID 19 outbreak has made us felt the importance of round the clock vigilance of emerging infectious diseases across any part of the globe. COVID 19 has also taught us nothing can be more precious than being safe and healthy. 

      Having said that, it's very necessary to understand, incorporate and practice healthy habits in our daily lifestyle. On this very platform Dr Koushik's Medicare Team will help you learn all the must know and good to know things from the world of medical science. This will not only keep you updated but also help the community at large across India to stay health and happy. 

      The contents of this website have been customised both for general audience as well as medical professionals.  Contents meant for general audience will have more lucid illustrations in easy to understand format while content for professional medicos will be more academically oriented. Primary objective of this website is to generate awareness and help general people  in accesseing quality healthcare at their fingertips. 

    We will keep adding freshly brewed medical contents, blogs , medical news on a regular basis so that you never fell short even a little in being Healthy & Happy always.

        Stay Tuned for more updates...

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