Tuesday 14 February 2023

No New COVID -19 variants emerged in China in 2022 : International Forum

     An investigation published in The Lancet found that the recent rise in infections in China following the suspension of the nation's zero-COVID policy did not involve the emergence of any new COVID-19 variations.

    The Lancet reported that a genome analysis of 413 new infections in Beijing since the stringent pandemic safeguards were loosened indicates they were all brought on by pre-existing strands.

      The Lancet reported that between November 14 and December 20, 2022, "more than 90% of local infections in Beijing contained Omicron sub-variants BA.5.2 or BF.7." The majority of imported cases during that time period involved variations from those that were prevalent in Beijing.

      According to reports, China abandoned its zero-COVID policies in December. Targeted lockdowns, massive testing, and quarantines were some of them. The Lancet reported that there have been an increase in cases, prompting fears that new variations may appear.

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